Driven Determination

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From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I think most people who know me would say that I drive a lot for work – and yes, my record is over 1000 km in a week – but I drive to Haliburton, Belleville, Kingston and other destinations in my region with ease. The 90 kms to Toronto is a different story.  I am fine until I turn off the DVP and enter the city – streets couched by sky high buildings, pedestrians, bicycles, unpredictable taxis and me.

Even when the driving is not so bad, however, I am always out of my mind with worry if I am unsure of where to park or how to enter the car park at my destination. I fret and grump and moan. This week I tried something different – I forced myself to smile when I turned onto Bloor street. I looked at the CN tower in the setting sun and took a breath to recognize its beauty. I purposely tried to calm my own nerves and enjoy the fact that I have a chance to go to this great city of millions of people and events and culture.

I would love to now say that everything happened with great ease, but no. I entered the hotel in valet part, had to cut through a building to find parking and circled for a full 20 minutes in a dank garage to find a cramped spot to park. What was different however, was in fact me – I was not gnashing my teeth, I was just working to enjoy the ride. I guess  that’s the choice that we have before us in all things – find the view, smile, take a deep breath and recognize the opportunity of the present.

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