Dark Dalliance

brown leafed trees

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Wow, is it ever getting dark early! I noticed last week driving home at 6:48 that it was almost completely dark. Then I remembered that the time change was coming and so soon the darkness would be arriving an hour earlier.

Positives of shorter days … there is no drive to do yard work after work (too dark), cozying up with a book is socially acceptable at any hour of the evening and lastly, Christmas must be around the corner.

I think, as humans, we are drawn to the light … we naturally face into the sunshine and soak up positive rays. I guess that is why the vacation companies advertise so heavily in the winter … we are craving the sun.

There is some comfort in the darkness … comfort food, fireside chats and throw-blankets all of the sudden, have some utility. There is time and space in the darker evening to be still and maybe listen to our hearts, to focus on how, if allowed, one candle can fill a room with light.

Take some time to soak up the darkness, the comfort of a snuggly blanket and a cuppa. The sun will be back in its time, the spring yard work will be waiting, and the days will begin to get longer again in just a few weeks.

Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com

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