Have a Perfectly Imperfect Christmas!

1 Teresa Dec 20From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – This is a season of extremes, countless moments of joy mixed with overwhelmed to do list writing, wonderful lights and decorations mixed with late night wrapping and feasting mixed with heavy reliance on antacids.  This is a time during which we are all striving for that perfect moment (or moments) that mean we nailed it, we did Christmas well, we had a Hallmark moment.

So, here is what I have learned – Hallmark movies are a wonderful addition to the season as an escape from the busy, but they are not a guide or manual for the perfect Christmas.  I think the perfect thing is impossible, the almost perfect thing might also be fictional.  However, the we are all in this together, we have some food and some gifts, and we are smiling some of the time – totally achievable and probably the stuff of magic anyway.

One of the greatest Christmas memories of my childhood was my Barbie motor home that came in a box about the size of the toy; however, when my parents opened the box late on Christmas Eve they found the IKEA nightmare of a zillion tiny pieces waiting for assembly – they were up until 5 am. My Barbie motor home is a thing of legend, my favourite childhood present, and my parents greatest challenge.

Make Barbie motor home moments this year and relish them. Have a messy, joy-filled, burnt-turkey, delicious, lights-not-twinkling, wonder-filled holiday with family and friends and fun.

Merry Christmas!

Photo credit: Denise Johnson on Unsplash

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