Savour the Oliebollen

1 Teresa Dec 27.jpgFrom the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Days from now a new year will be upon us, a fresh beginning because of which stores will be marketing exercise equipment and storage components knowing on both fronts that there is a renewed commitment to downsize.

I love New Year celebrations, which for my family involve reviewing the “joy jar,” snippets of joyful moments inserted on scraps of paper throughout the year. We read them over, we remember, we laugh, we sometimes cry. We partake in a family feast with others, make a midnight toast, savour the feeling of a fresh start.

On the Dutch side of my family celebrations involve the traditional drop donuts on New Year’s Eve – oliebollen. Here is the thing about this delicious tradition, they are wonderful right out of the fryer, delicious to have warm on New Year’s Eve, but (in my opinion) the next day they are like hockey pucks with some raisins. They simply must be enjoyed in the moment.

The new year is almost upon us. There will be a lot of noise about what to do to make yourself better, so here is my advice … and it involves sweet treats.  Enjoy your oliebollen, right when it is fresh, right when it is happening, in the moment. Sure, we plan, save, stockpile and make adjustments, but the powdered-sugar-sprinkled oliebollen is the best in the minute it is served – savour every one and the entire year will be sweeter for it.

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar (Happy New Year)!

Photo: Google image search

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