Aweigh with the Old

3 Teresa.jpgFrom the desk of Teresa Jordan – Here we are less than a week into a fresh new year and the days are getting longer. It is the winter, it is a fresh beginning and it is a brand new year with no mistakes in it.  Fresh starts are always possible – a new week, a new day, a new hour – but there is something super special about a new year, a new decade in fact.  What opportunity will you take, what change could you make, what will you leave behind?

Leaps of faith usually involve jumping into something when you don’t really have all of the facts or assurances of success. I challenge with a different thought – what if the leap is to leave something behind?

What will you leave in the old year, what did you have in the old decade that you don’t need anymore?  Maybe a belief that you did not measure up, a guilt about a long-past mistake, a grudge about a far-off hurt? What no longer serves you and might be weighing you down? Can you leave it behind?

Many years ago, I bought a wonderful metal trunk that has served as great storage for my entire adult life. Painted on the lid were the words “not needed on voyage.” It’s a fresh start, let’s have a think about what we no longer need. In 2020, let’s put some what could be holding us back to the side, set them down, box them up – let’s figure out what is no longer needed on this wonderful voyage and throw it overboard.

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