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From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – The idea of a remote car starter is that, from the heated comfort of your home or office, you can point and click at your vehicle and have it start and get warm as you pack up to go out. When you are ready to leave, your vehicle is cozy warm and de-iced, prepared for departure. What remote car starting practices can you get started in this fresh new year? What do you need to point at – to start up – so that you can be ready for the next step?

For my birthday I received a great gift – a do-it-yourself memoir. The memoir includes hundreds of guiding questions to reflect on and space record the stories; these weave together to make a life, and doing the memoir has me thinking about things long forgotten.

Last night the memoir asked what I envied about others in high school. This question was easy to answer – I did not want to be tall, I wanted to be tiny in stature and frame. This, I had not thought about that in a long time, and now think it rather ridiculous since I am so comfortable in my own skin. If I think about how this shift happened over the years, I think about the gifts that I have allowed the opportunity to grow, and how over time I knew my strengths and weaknesses and tried to work on both.

I got things started long ago that have led to good habits and just plain contentment and, I guess, a healthy dollop of perspective that the grass is greener because it is fake reality.  Point and click at some of your greatest insecurities and start a new idea that you are the single greatest version of yourself ever.

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