Marathon Challenge

person running in the hallway

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I read an article about Terry Fox for which someone asked him how he could keep going on his marathon miles of running each day, how did he not get completely overwhelmed by the road ahead, the endless journey, the challenge? Terry’s response was: “I just focus on running to the next telephone pole.”

Sometimes we are faced with challenges so big that they can overwhelm us. The end goal seems so far off and the change so big that we get discouraged or, even worse, quit all together. The wisdom of the “next telephone pole” approach is that within every humongous goal there are little steps, quick wins, achievable landmarks that we can celebrate along the way.

This fast-paced world, with all of its technological wonders, sometimes gives us a million distractions to keep us from focusing on the positive change we want to make, like a healthier body, meditation, a change for the better at work, a renewed relationship.  Sometimes we can lose focus all together if we happen to have a few good Facebook friends who send awesome jokes and videos to pass the time. 🙂

Maybe we would be less lost if we were to bring it in, make it small, focus on the “next telephone pole” – the task at hand tonight, the walk after supper tonight, the few minutes of mindfulness I can do this morning, the first step of development that I can pen today, the box of Timbits in the lunch room that I can walk by right now.

One step at a time is, after all, how a marathon is run; we can do big things a chunk at a time.

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