Community Cafe

woman preparing coffee latte near espresso machine

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I had a great lunch this week in Burks Falls at a little café … well, actually, the only café. Just me and my son were having a great lunch on vacation in the Near North.

I was relaxed and having fun and taking in what was happening around me. It was amazing – community members were sitting together talking, well gossiping really.  There were three senior gentlemen at one table harassing the waitress playfully about the size of the salad, that the one man had wanted a small one. She playfully responded that salad only comes in one size. All of this was done with the steady use of first names. At other tables more customers were dining, clearly regulars as their names were used as well.

And then the magic happened … the waitress and a few patrons commented, “Where is Ruby today?” Right there was community, there was belonging, there was the natural magic we sometimes work so hard for… So much friendship, so much connection and Ruby was missed. Not only a regular, or someone that frequents on a community outing or someone who has goal of more connection. Here she has a valued role, a place to belong and everyone notices when she is not there.  This is the stuff of magic. I wonder if anyone knew that I was away? I hope so.

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