Champion Challenge

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From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I continue to spend time writing my memoirs with the book I received for my birthday – The book of me. This week it asked me if I had ever been betrayed. It then went on to ask who had stuck up for me in a tough spot. Such interesting questions that have me thinking about both school yard bullies and former romantic partners in the same sitting. Working on this project is a real exercise in reminding me of the long past or, in the case of the above, framing the past in a way that makes me look at it differently.

So, I challenge you to think about who has stuck up for you in the past, whether in big and small ways. The person who says to a negative comment, “No Teresa would not say that,” or who talks about all that we have been a part of together as proof of character when someone else digs up long past grievances as evidence that character is lacking.

Who were your defenders when you were stared down by the school yard bully? Are they still in your life? Here’s an idea, maybe send them a note. Dear Jeff Walker, thanks for telling Mike Goodhand to leave me alone. Dear Gennifer Chipps thanks for being my friend when others had decided I was a 13 year old social pyorrhea. Dear CLTH staff, thanks for supporting my good and not so good ideas with enthusiasm and interest.

Where would we be if we did not have a tribe or at least a few folks to back us up, give us a little encouragement and offer us kindness when others are being cruel. Let’s not only reflect, but commit, to keep on sticking up for those who need it.

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

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