A Dandy Dispensation

woman holding flower
Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – Another week of pandemic, another week of discovery of all we miss, want to return to and need to think about.

I had to go to the bank machine this week and while I was doing my banking I was next to a father at the brink of exasperation with his young daughter. I am not ashamed to say that I was listening intently. I was amused, while dad was not, with how well this young lady knew her dad, how well she knew what the real limits were and how ready she was to push her father to the limits.

I could hear all of the best phrases of a dad on the edge: “Get back here, stop bothering people, don’t touch anything… and then the infamous, “I am counting to three and if I get to three you are going straight to your room when we get home.”  Of course, dad started counting and like a well-choreographed waltz sequence the girl did not comply until 3 and ¾’s … at which she snapped to attention and complied with the command to stand beside him.

Next I heard her father say, “Get back here right now” to which his daughter responded that she first wanted to “give this beautiful lady a flower.”  I was concentrating on my banking for some of the time and didn’t even notice the little girl’s approach; then from  below my elbow, a flower was presented to me. The joyful symbol of childhood appreciation – a crumpled dandelion-  was now mine.

First let me say that I was so delighted with the compliment of being a “beautiful lady” and second, for the reminder that a dandelion is a flower first, and a weed and a nuisance only to us adults.

So there I was with my envelopes, purse and dandelion. I thought for moment of putting it in my purse, then I re-juggled everything and held the dandelion in my hand.  Getting in my car to leave I heard this same enchanting little rascal exclaim to her dad, “She is still holding it!”

And yes, I am still holding on to the memory of a gift, a compliment and a little joyful gift of good wishes.  I am sure that the father’s version of this story would not include the amount of wonder and appreciation here in mine… but for me, in the middle of a busy work day, with my little flower in my hand, I was reminded that beauty and wonder is in the eye of the beholder.

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