Learning What We Already Knew

person sky silhouette night

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – There are some quotes that just resonate, profoundly, and I have always found this to be one of them:

“We are all In the gutter, but some of us are looking up at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

I think the standout for me is the basic fact that there is not one single person who is somehow on easy street, somehow outside of all hardship; while there are some people who appear to walk in a world of perpetual sunshine, there is rain for us all.

I think the idea that we are all in this together – while a little overused and abused in marketing and the announcements of social distancing guidelines – still holds true. We are all in this gutter called worldwide pandemic, and this is just overlaid on top of the challenges we had going into this time of social isolation and uncertainty.

So with all of this in mind, can we still catch a glimpse of the stars, of what is possible, of a dream or two? In many ways this strange time of restrictions helps a part of of who I am come into focus a bit better. Like the 25 cent viewer at Niagara Falls, I think things that I took for granted are coming crisply into view as what I need and as crucial to my dreams.

I now know much more vividly what fills my tank. I love dialogue in the same room, I thrive on learning and laughing in conversation, and I know so much more the value of a shared meal with family and friends. We are still in an uncertain place, but where will what we’ve learned about ourselves take us? What is next, what big dream is now in focus?

Let’s look deeply into the view finder  and let what is most important come into focus. Then take that knowledge and keep looking for the star that has our name on it and figure what we can do next in little steps that will get us there.

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

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