Road Work Ahead

traffic red blue sign

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – This week I got to drive to Haliburton in the sunshine.  On Gelert road I could see that there were signs alerting me to construction. As I drove to where the  flag person was standing, the sign turned to stop. The stop was at a bend in the road and I could not see what was interrupting traffic flow.

I have to admit I was a little nervous sitting there. You see, many years ago I was at the front of the line to go through a long and complicated section of roadwork. I lost my way and ended up where I should not have been, with road workers and heavy equipment operators glaring at me.

So waiting at the front of the line in Haliburton, I was feeling nervous about where to lead this mighty band of vehicles that was lining up behind me, when the pilot vehicle came around the bend and pulled over in front of me.  The pilot vehicle with all its flashing lights would take the lead and I had a worry-free trip through the construction. My relief at this scenario was palpable – that I no longer had to worry about leading the string of cars behind me astray.

How convenient it would be if there were such a thing in other areas of my life? A pilot vehicle that guides me to where I should be focusing my energy? A flashing truck telling me what learning I need next or which course of study would have the most influence on my career path? A vehicle with the clear instructions – “do not pass” – guiding me through the tricky  decisions about relationships and financial  investments?

Pondering these questions got me to thinking about all those times that I was in a worry muddle about something or other and a friend, colleague or even a stranger offered me an insight that showed me the way, that helped me decide. And I wondered have I been that person to someone else?

I think sometimes we hesitate, not wanting to say the wrong thing or being unsure if a person wants help. But really, when the truck arrived and pulled in front of me on Gelert road, I still had the choice – if I wanted to – of driving headlong into the fresh asphalt and paving  machines. I know how relieved I felt, and feel, when I am offered help.

Perhaps this adventure on Gelert Road was a great reminder to me to strap on the flashing lights more often if I think I can help, and to look for the helpers around me     when I need them – they will appear and I shall not pass.

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