We’ll Get There Together

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – It seems otherworldly to remember last March when most of us thought that the ideas of lock down and pandemic would last maybe a month or so. Now here we are in a fresh new year and we are staring down another lock down, rising numbers and what seemed like a sprint has turned into a marathon with no visible finish line.

Just like a marathon, I think most of us are running out of carbohydrates and water, we are weakening, and we are struggling to keep on going. Now, I do not run marathons, but I have been a spectator and I know that there are people offering water, people with garden hoses offering a cooling shower, and there is cheering, so much cheering. People I know that do these events say that there is power in knowing that there are people at the sidelines cheering, sending good vibes, willing to help, and just standing close urging them on.

I think that lots of parts of this pandemic feel lonely, exhausted and makes for sore feet. And while no one is going to spray anyone with a garden hose as you drive to work, I know there are friends, neighbours, families, volunteers and communities that are thinking, sending love, standing by, ready to support all essential work.

This is a difficult time, and there is no reprieve as it affects every corner of our lives. Maybe a first step is just to admit that there has been a race going on for some time now and it is starting to drag a bit. Reach out for help, offer help, stand close, do whatever is needed to recharge yourself and others, be kind and remember the power of cheering, lets cheer each other on to the finish, lets cheer everyone we know to the finish.

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU on Pexels.com

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