Bump It Up!

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I have had house guests for the last few weeks, including a 16-year-old with whom I recently discussed volleyball. She reminded me of the game, of playing it in high school and of the basics of volleyball communication.

These are not long dialogues to discuss who is going to do what on the floor; the balls whizzes over the net and if you think you have a good angle you yell, “Mine.” That’s all – no pleasantries, no one says, “I would really like to bump this so you can spike it, do you agree?”

In the fast pace of volleyball there is a trust among the team members to do what needs to be done, to listen and watch, to know what should happen next.

Of course, dialogue, debate, conversation and learning are critical in a lot of scenarios – in our work, in life, in family situations. Sometimes, though, I think we must channel our inner teenage high school volleyball player, and call it as we see it. I see this problem coming at us; I am confident in my ability to tackle it; please watch what I do so that you can follow up or help accordingly and have my back. It’s mine.

Some days we are playing a great round of golf or maybe chess, during which there is time to think and to
strategize in our challenges. Other days, however, those problems are being served at us in rapid succession. We need to act quickly, get the problem addressed and, sometimes, drop onto our knees and bump it high in the air knowing others will take the next step and finish the play.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

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