Sprouting Wisdom

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – One of my closest rural neighbours (2 km away) has a market vegetable farm. On one of my evening walks a few weeks ago I came upon a little vegetable seedling, its little root ball drying out on the hot roadway. Not even sure what it was I knew that the seedling had toppled from a wagon en route to the field. I picked up the little sprout and cradled it in my hand for my walk back home. 

I planted the seedling in a pot and took care of it. A few days ago, it was about six inches high and very hardy in its pot. The time had come to transplant it to the garden, a glorious triumph for what now really looked like a cabbage plant. I saved the little seedling from certain demise, and now I would enjoy the coleslaw fruits of my labour in the near future. 

On a totally unrelated note, sort of, my yard has been filled with wild rabbits this year, and several times a day I can delight in them playing and nibbling on the grass. I love watching them and seeing how over time they are less and less startled by my presence. 

Here is where my delights collide – the bunnies ate my plant; it never had chance, it was too delicious and tender. I’ll admit, this was a jarring discovery when I was expecting to see a happy plant basking in the next stage of its rescue, but I must balance these emotions with my delight in the bunny colony. 

This experience made me think about how often we can’t have it all. We can’t have the culture and convenience of the city and the peace and quiet of nature. We can’t bask in the natural surroundings of country living without sometimes coming face-to-face with wildlife and long drives to get anywhere. 

Even in small things – like a kitchen renovations and your sanity – both cannot be present at the same time. And so, my delicious little cabbage plant could not exist in the midst of my 24-hour bunnies-at-play reality show. Sometimes life is just like that. Choose what you know is exactly right for you, whenever you can, and if that gets obliterated, eaten or feels wrong, choose again and enjoy.

Photo by Gelgas Airlangga on Pexels.com

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