Parallel Universe

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I have lived just close to Lindsay for almost all my life, and today for a few seconds I did not know where I was. I came to the end of Orchard Park Road at Angeline; this is supposed to be a hard stop with a field and creek on the other side. I clearly have not been there for a while because the street no longer ends at Angeline – it continues west with dozens of homes lining the street. 

So, as I approached, and saw an intersection where I was expecting a stop sign, I had a few seconds of panic that I had slipped into a parallel universe.  I had not been to that side of Lindsay in many months, and it was not that I was confused – it was that the entire area had changed while I was away. 

Will it be like this in parts of our lives as we emerge from the pandemic? I saw a friend today for the first time in about a year and she had lost 60 pounds and called her husband, “my ex”. Another parallel universe moment. 

There will be many such moments, I think; some things have changed a lot while we were disinfecting, and some maybe will be waiting for us like we were never isolated or away. As we face off with this wave, and continue to emerge, be gentle as you reconnect … lots has changed, new streets have emerged everywhere, and we are all a little different.  Explore gently into the new places, confusing changes and the well-worn paths and places that have been awaiting our return.

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