Weathered Wisdom

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I have yard with a tremendous number of robins. Having spent a lot of time in the yard over Easter weekend, I came to know where many of the robin nests are, and could observe the busy parents taking care of their eggs. 

Then the worst happened, it snowed a couple of inches on Monday night. I was worried about the nests that I knew were exposed to the elements – not every robin is a real estate tycoon and understands location, location, location. Some nests I knew were on top of arbours and exposed to the elements. I worried about the tiny little bird mamas, shivering, covered in snow, flashbacks of Nestor the long-eared donkey went through my head. But there was nothing I could do.

In the morning the snow had accumulated and was everywhere. I walked out in my pyjamas and rubber boots to check, all was fine. Here’s the thing – robins know what they are doing. All my worry was not helpful or productive, and this experience was a good reminder about worry and its worth.

When something is of concern, bothering or overwhelming, we can worry and wander around in the snow in a nightgown and wellingtons. Or we can just take one step at a time, even one minute at a time when you need, and work through the problem or issue. Take the next step, let others that know that they are doing what they do best, and hunker down to wait out the storm.

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