Shine bright!

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From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I had a great conversation this week about the different generations and, believe it or not, we were not speaking disparagingly about millennials. Rather, we were discussing the different motivations of each group that we could name. Interesting to me is the idea that generation Z, or zennials, are driven to do a good job and prove their skills; but this is not necessarily to please others, but just to prove it to themselves.

I love the quote, Deeds are no less valiant if unpraised,” by JRR Tolkien – and it would seem that generation Z has figured this out. What would it mean for me or others to be not-s-driven by what others think our worth is, to be free of the need to measure up. On Facebook, the source of all wisdom, there are often quotes to remind us that any critique of our worth by others is a statement about the critique maker, not the subject of their scorn.

How easy to make a cute meme on Facebook and write a blog, how difficult to actually internalize that our strengths are ours and are not dependent on the notice of others, that we do not need to prove or please anyone. We just need to maximize what we know to be our strengths and know where we can have an impact. And let’s also celebrate that great bunch of youth in their early twenties seem to be driven to just brighten the corner where they are and are not worrying themselves about how others perceive their wattage – a bright idea indeed.

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