Excuse Me…

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I read a quote recently from Jen Sincero that said: “An excuse is nothing but a challenge that you’ve given your power to.” And then a deep pause while I let that sink in.

Challenges lurk at every corner, and if the pandemic has taught me one thing its that the most horrendous are not planned for and are ever-changing, requiring constant shifts in response and action.

There are a lot of challenges in the day-to-day as we navigate these tricky waters of emerging from intense restrictions while continuing to be wary of an ever-present threat in variant after variant attacking our disinfected defenses. Excuses though, feel like a whole different thing, like my high school crush who always had to rush to be somewhere else when I tried to phone him or the reason I have never run a marathon… my running shoes are not good enough.

Excuses feel like those glib statements we make when we are annoyed or do not want to face a pestering schoolgirl’s ninth call this week. When does a great challenge become an excuse, I guess when we are facing something that scares us, or that will be very hard, like moving to a different home, starting a new relationship or travelling to a long-dreamed of destination.

Then the passport hassles, the great costs, the mounting unknowns become the excuses for why we stay stuck. Taking our power back is challenging, and I am not sure I can fit it in between my phone calls to said crush, Phil.

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