Mind your Minutes

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I read the greatest tip about how slow down a busy brain in an Eckhart tolle book. He urges that you say to yourself, “I wonder what my next thought is going to be?” So simple a question but also so instant in causing a pause, a slowdown, a quiet in that constantly thinking brain to create a little space. 

Of course, another thought, or fleet of thoughts will arrive. But the asking of the question and the slow pause that follows it, stops the next thought from so rapidly filling the void.

I think sometimes we get overwhelmed in the idea that perhaps when we have a lovely meditation pillow or a schedule that feels less overwhelming or the kitchen renovation is done… that will be the time that we start thinking about meditation or mindfulness or even taking a pause. I have often read, though, that there is so much to gain in just taking a few seconds to pause, to check in with how you are feeling, to listen to what your body is trying to say. 

These moments that we steal away, while we are busy in all kinds of other ways, will add up to some helpful space and calm – space and calm to just be.  And after those few seconds of thinking of our thoughts, emotions and breaths, we can jump back into whatever arena of challenge we find ourselves in… just in a way that is a little more ready and resilient.

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

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