1,000 Pieces

From the desk of Teresa Jordan – I spent some time with people from another agency, and we got to chatting about Christmas and Santa. Now here’s the thing, my ultimate Christmas gift ever was my Barbie motor home, given to my sister and I in 1980.  We loved it!

Years later my dad told us the Barbie motor home’s full story. It came in a box roughly the exact dimensions of the motor home, and so my dad stowed it away until Christmas Eve. Then, when all of us kids were in bed, he went to take the motor home out of the box. Only, it was not a motor home. It was over 1000 plastic pieces and decals; my parents were up until 4:30 a.m. assembling it. 

So last week I said that that motor home of 1000 pieces was my favourite, and another person my age says that she got one too and it was her favourite as well. I was about to tell my cute daddy tale, but before I could she was telling it herself. Her parents had made the same assumption and were up all night, elbow deep in plastic and Barbie stickers.

Two families, one in Janetville, one in Ottawa, cursing Mattel through the joy-filled hours (?) of Christmas Eve night. I didn’t need to tell my story; it was told and it was appreciated. Love this, it reminds me that there is so much that we have in common when we take the time to get to know one another. There is so much aligned in our human experience and when you look, you will find your Barbie motor home, enjoying good storytelling people who get your stories, share your passions and make you feel a part of something.  

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