Travelling Together

From the desk of Teresa Jordan, Executive Director – I love the ice breakers that we take part in for meetings. It is fascinating to me to hear some of the quirky and interesting facts that people share through these activities. I am now aware that someone that works at CLTH considers themselves addicted to sushi they love it so much, someone skated with Stars on Ice, and someone else is passionate about the Royal Family. 

It is so interesting to start to understand what makes other people who they are, the places they have been and experiences that they have had along the way. Especially in this humongous workplace, I am often overwhelmed by how much we as a group face all at once, the passing of a loved one, the birth of new baby, challenges with home repairs after a storm, sudden illness of loved ones or ourselves,  losses, gains, weddings, divorces, and even more interesting stuff. 

I love that no two people are on the same path with the same luggage, and that for a time here together in this work – and in all kinds of other ways – we get to just travel together for a time. 

When my husband was facing the terminal cancer diagnosis of his first wife he was devastated, but somewhere in the despair he remembers distinctly going from “why me” to “why not me” in reflecting that everyone faces challenges big and small all the time, and this was their challenge, their particular path to face together at that time.

We are all facing the ups and downs and adding or taking away from a cup of joy that we all carry, offering a little top up when we can and accepting some joy boosts in our “why not me” moments. Let’s keep walking together, and supporting, leaning on, sharing the load and keeping the sushi problems in check with one another as we can, when and where we are able.

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