Sunset Reflections

I was driving with my son and we passed the boat launch near our home. Noticing that the sunset over the lake was truly spectacular there, we stopped. And as every human being now does, it seems, I pulled out my phone to try to capture the vibrant bands of orange and red that were spanning across the still lake. 

As you can likely guess, the photos on the phone paled greatly in comparison to what I knew my eyeballs were taking in. So, Spencer and I chatted about how this is always the case despite so many great advances in photo technology, that those little pixels and computer chips still cannot fully see what our eyes capture. 

My son then offered up this bit of wisdom. “It’s the same with people and how they see themselves, for some reason when we look in the mirror or see a photo of ourselves, we don’t see the true array of colours or deep beauty and sparkle that everyone else sees.” 

First, this was a proud mom moment to hear this level of reflection from my son and then secondly, I know that he is right. I know that we can all see sparkle and wonder in others, can offer so much grace and forgiveness and encouragement when needed and yet, when we fall down, or make a wrong move or blunder, we are so very critical with ourselves. 

I was there on the lakeside, and I know that there were about 8,000 more hues of colour than my phone could record. On this lakeside, remember that your internal camera is dimming your light, there are 8,000 hues there that you maybe don’t see all the time – but all the rest of us do.

Photo by Pixabay on

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