Fiery Focus

When the fire chief points out a hazard, it seems completely obvious. Why is that? It did not jump out at me before, and yet when on tour I can start to guess what they will question before it happens. 

I think this happens because in those moments I am totally focused on fire prevention, fire barriers and all things related. I think that for those few moments in the fire chief’s presence I am focused, I am in that headspace completely. And for sure where I used to see wondrous decorating flare with sheer curtains and lights, I now see the potential for these same beautiful curtains [too close to the stove] to be a fire hazard. 

This experience is a great reminder of what we try to do in our work and beyond. Build on what’s strong, build on people’s strengths, let people who are super good and interested in a certain area bring their A game and learn to rely on their expertise while offering ours where we shine.

This is sometimes hard to do, and sometimes though our skills and interests are diverse, our styles are opposite and we want to try to stay on top of everything. The strength of A-team is in where we can let another carry the load, rely on the other person to bring their A game, and while still bringing on ours.

Additionally, we must find what is needed to have the conversations when there is concern or a change needed.  We must be able to approach an issue with a solution, focus and tact.  These curtains are truly the bomb now that we know the risk, we have to change it up. 

I will leave it to the hugely creative members of the team to find the next beautiful – and fire-proof – option. I know that they will.

Photo by Artem Mizyuk on

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