New Year’s Revolution

I listened to the King’s Christmas speech, and I appreciated it very much, how he was more inclusive and how he talked about the light that overcomes the darkness. 

When I worked in Community Homes, we used blister packs for medication. I used to hate how at the end of the month the packs were all mangled and messy; how delightful it was to start a new month, crisp, even and smoothed out. Here we are at that same point in the calendar, about to turn the page on a wondrous year, with all of its messy bits, and start a bright new fresh one. 

In Anne of Green Gables, Anne remarks that each new day is a fresh start with no mistakes in it. Here is our new year, we have all the luggage of past years in the form of learnings and yearnings, joys and regrets. Choose carefully what you feel you need on the voyage, and jettison the rest. 

Hold fast to the times spent with people you love, shenanigans with friends, great meals, spontaneous bouts of laughter, magical moments. 

Endeavour to leave behind the regrets, fearful moments and sadness, shaving that stuff down to the lessons and memories made. 

You can walk into this fresh, smooth, unmangled year with no mistakes in it, and know that all those blisters of joy, sadness, triumph, and mischief await your dispensing – the sort of thing that the light is made of, that will in time overcome any dark. 

I wish you joy. 

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