Lunchtime Laments

I love the joke about the construction workers who have lunch together each day. Comparing what they have, one seems to have a bologna sandwich day after day and complains bitterly. After a while some of the others offer advice, suggesting he ask his wife to pack something different. And his response is? Oh, I pack my own lunches. 

Lots of times I use movie quotes or other sound bites that may only make sense to me, and I often to reflect when people are lamenting with me about their current situation that they may in fact be making their own bologna sandwiches and are not yet ready to make a change.  So I share this little mantra that I have made for myself: “Am I making this bologna sandwich?”  

Bologna is comfortable, it’s what we have always made, it takes a great deal of courage to embark into the unknown, and sometimes there are so many intertwined responsibilities, roles, people and self- image tied to the perfect sandwich.  I so admire people who are able to take a hard look and make a humongous change. A change to find a job better suited, a relationship change, a business partner change, a change in lifestyle to promote better health or even a tiny change – like a different brand of coffee. 

It is important from time to time that we all take stock of what is hard, what it is draining our energy, what is it that we often grumble about – and can we address our own role in it?  Bologna is comfortable, was an important part of our lives, its offering a bit of stability, but if it is now making us bored, miserable, overworked, dissatisfied and complaining, it could be time for a change, even a small one could change the direction the spin and be the start of something delicious. 

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