Golden Opportunities

Like millions of others, I am getting a little frustrated that the treasure on Oak Island remains a mystery 567 bore holes later, but like a lot of guilty pleasures, I still watch the show. A few weeks ago, after yet another drill that arose from the ground not crusted in gold, one of the brothers declared, “We may not have found the treasure, but we found information.” Of course, in this case, the information was that the treasure was not in that spot and that the show will need to continue for another 12 seasons before it is found. Got me thinking, though, about the timeless wisdom of looking for the lesson, the learning and the information that abounds in challenge, strife and failure.

Recently someone sent me a photo of myself at 17 and for a few moments I just looked at that face, I remember her. She had some clear ideas about how her adult life would turn out, and it bears little resemblance to the current reality. There have been twists and turns that I did not plan for, but overall, I have learned and changed and renewed my strength in challenges and joys.

Just like those bore holes I have tried to find things where they were not hidden and made different decisions on the information and learning that came with each flat on my face teachable moment. What will the next opportunity reveal, what lies ahead, what can I drill for next?

We have this one fabulous life, we make goals, change them, try something else, sometimes miss the gold, but then sometimes we find the boundless treasure of doing something that was exactly right for us at the time. Not sure what to do next, try something. Take it from the Oak Island team , punch another exploratory hole in the ground, and if you miss the mark, you will have the new information – the next right thing was not there, and you need to keep seeking. Or as I am expectantly waiting for each week with the show, you will find the treasure and it will be at the exactly right time for you.

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